Iconix® eMail ID

Iconix® eMail ID

Iconix eMail ID easily identifies email from over 300 senders
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Iconix eMail ID is a powerful application that allows you to easily see which messages are real in a very simple way. This application sit on your email client, scans your emails and marks messages that have been verified as coming from a legitimate sender and that are not a spoof. The application marks email messages with an icon, so you can quickly spot messages that have been verified as coming from that sender. If you mouse over the message, the program also provides more useful information about the sender. When an email arrives, the program uses industry standard technologies to verify the authenticity of the message, such as Domain Keys and Sender ID which are backed by companies such as Cisco, Microsoft and Yahoo!. Iconix eMail ID can be used with Windows Live Hotmail, AOL webmail. Yahoo Mail. Outlook express, Gmail, and many others. From now, you won't have to worry when opening an email from your Bank or Paypal, since Iconix eMail ID checks the authenticity of the mail and you just have look for the icon.

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